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    There’s no avoiding a smog test. When you need it, you need it, so make it hassle-free by bringing your vehicle in to Smog Junkies SMG in San Bernardino, CA.
    In just a few minutes, we’ll have your result. Quick, easy, and accurate, our certified smog inspection station can make sure you know what you’re dealing with.
    If you fail, we will provide you with the error codes so that you can take your vehicle to a mechanic you trust to get everything taken care of.
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Our Services

Smog check
STAR Certified Smog Inspection

Need a STAR Certified Smog Inspection? Smog Junkies SMG is the place to go. We do affordable smog checks for all manner of vehicles. Smog check test only.

Pickup truck
Trucks Smog Check

Not every smog check station understands trucks like we do. If you need a trucks smog check, make sure you get it done by a DMV smog station that knows what it’s doing.

Diesel smog
Diesel Emissions Test

Getting complaints about the way your car smells? You might need a diesel emissions test. We can figure out what the problem is and advise you on how best to take care of it.

Smog test 09
Smog Test

Need to do a smog test for your registration? Bring your vehicle to Smog Junkies SMG in San Bernardino, CA. We provide the necessary paperwork, and if repairs are required, we make sure the error codes are clear.

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star star star star star

Real hidden but its fast and i passed in 20 mins. Great price too!

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Great place, always nice professional and affordable. Been going their for years now

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Gooood service!!!!!!!!

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